New Product idea Resources

Still having trouble coming up with a new product idea? 

Take a look at the following resources and they should help inspire you.  I use these resources all of the time when I am trying to come up with my next new product idea.  The great thing about these resources is they change daily as the market changes.  That's a great thing for you because you will be able to see what is a priority on consumer's minds.

"Data mining" to find a new product idea

 My clients will tell you that I am a big fan of "data mining." Data mining simply means taking a long, hard look at data that is available, often on the internet for free, and manipulating it to your advantage.  You can find out almost anything you want to know once you learn how to use readily available resources. 

It is relatively easy to come up with  innovative ideas for new products if you turn on your creativity and look at what interests people.  And, it is easy to see what consumers are interested in because the resources I give you here will tell you!  How's that for service?

Find Invention trends through major retailers

Most major retailers will share what is trending on their sites. 

1) Amazon

Search the internet's largest retailer for information about the current best-selling products on Amazon. 

2) Ebay

E-bay is another great resource to search for an inventor idea.  You can find items in demand on Ebay.

You will also find the top selling items by price and category in a section called "Today's Featured Collections."

Once you have browsed these pages, then you can take advantage of advanced research tools and do some in-depth data mining.

But I will warn you, you can find so much valuable information that you may lose track of time!

3) Walmart

If you still want more information to help you find good invention ideas then go to Walmart's website and see what is trending at their site today. 

You can also find a list of Walmart's top selling products.

But don't stop there. You will also find a lot of helpful information by diving into the Walmart product reviews where you will find a great deal of information telling you what consumers like, and sometimes more importantly, what they don't like.

By now you should have a good understanding of what I mean by data mining.  Before the invention of the internet there was no easy way to get the volumes of information that are now free to you and easily accessible anywhere and anytime.  With all of this great information, you should have no trouble finding a new product idea that could make you a fortune!

Moving Forward

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