Inventor Resource - Recommended Reading for our students

Use this inventor resource list to help yourself move forward.

Most of the recommended books are books we have purchased and used.

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Inventor resource List of recommended Books

One Simple Idea by Stephen Key

Turn your dreams into a licensing goldmine while letting others do the work.

Stephen Key is an award-winning inventor who has licensed more than 20 product ideas.

This book is a must for your inventor resource list.

Essentials of Licensing Intellectual Property by Alexander Poltorak

Full of valuable tips, techniques, illustrative real-world examples, exhibits, and best practices, this handy and concise paperback will help you stay up to date on the newest thinking, strategies, developments, and technologies in licensing intellectual property.

A Primer On Intellectual Property Licensing by Heather Meeker

A compact, practical guide to one of the most dynamic and popular areas of legal practice today-intellectual property licensing. Developed by an attorney in private practice who specializes in Silicon Valley technology licensing, this guide presents the basic rules of law you need to know for a licensing practice, along with helpful examples of contractual language, practice tips, and insights on custom and practice in the industry. 

Profit from Your Idea: How To Make Smart Licensing Deals by Richard Stim Atorney

Disclosing your invention requires a balancing act: Presenting the best aspects of your invention while protecting the confidential aspects of your work. Use Profit From Your Idea to help you effectively maintain the necessary balance and minimize the risks of disclosure. The fully updated edition comes complete with the latest licensing case law.

Licensing Art & Design: A Professional's Guide To Licensing And Royalty Agreements by Caryn R. Leland

The designer, illustrator, photographer or fine artist learns how to increase income by licensing creative images. Coverage includes: copyright, patent and trademark law; licensing agreements; maximizing royalties; negotiation checklists; model agreements; finding manufacturers; and licensing in cyberspace.

Invent It, Sell it, Bank It: Make Your Million-Dollar Idea Into A Reality by Lori Greiner

Offering behind-the-scenes insights into her experiences on ABC’s Shark Tank and QVC-TV’s Clever & Unique Creations by Lori Greiner, as well as valuable lessons learned from the mistakes and triumphs of her early career, Lori proves that, with hard work and the right idea, anyone can turn themselves into the next overnight success.

Fun and enlightening read for your inventor resource list.

Universal Principles of Design: 125 Ways to Enhance Usability, Influence Perception, Increase Appeal, Make Better Design Decisions, and Teach Through Design by William Lidwell

A comprehensive, cross-disciplinary encyclopedia of design. It pairs clear explanations of every design concept with visual examples of the concepts applied in practice. From the "80/20” rule to chunking, from baby-face bias to Occam's razor, and from self-similarity to storytelling, every major design concept is defined and illustrated for readers to expand their knowledge.

The Way Things Work by David Macaulay

From levers to lasers, from cameras to computers, this is a remarkable overview of the machines and inventions that shape our lives, amusingly presented with a large dose of Macaulay's wit and personality.

The New Way Things Work by David Macaulay

Each scientific principle is brilliantly explained--with the help of a charming, if rather slow-witted, woolly mammoth.

Step-By-Step Crowdfunding: Everything You Need To Raise Money From The Crowd by Mr. Joseph Hogue

If you are ready to get your crowdfunding campaign started right and don't want to risk wasting months of your time by not meeting your crowdfunding goal, you MUST know the process. Skip the libraries worth of books talking about the history of crowdfunding or why it is such a revolution in finance. Buy the only book that offers a step-by-step approach to crowdfunding.