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Get Invent Help - Student Testimonials

Andrew's students share their stories about getting invent help and moving their ideas to an actual invention and forward from there. 

We want to inspire others to do the same! Get your idea off the shelf. You do not have to stay stuck.

Read how others are going forward with the right  guidance.

Mike: "Andrew truly cares about your idea and will provide ounces of prevention to help you avoid pounds of cure. He is very personable and likable. Thanks for the motivation to take action with my own idea."        

Hans: "Andrew's in-the-trenches experience with the subject is expansive. His enthusiasm, intention, commitment, and follow-through is admirable."            

Richard: "This was a very informative class. Allowed members to present things they are currently working on and the drawbacks if any so we can be aware."

Gay: "Super good class. Hope there is a follow-up and more info."

"Andrew was knowledgeable and gave us real life examples."

Chris: "The most useful things I learned for myself were about different marketing paths. This class offered a good intro to the IP world. Andrew did a great job and gave great information!"

"Andrew's class was enjoyable and meaningful. I learned new material that I can apply immediately."

"The most useful thing for me was learning about the invention cycle. This class was an excellent value for my money and taught me how to avoid costly mistakes. I consider Andrew to be an expert in the field. He kept me engaged and interested the whole time. I am looking forward to new, upcoming classes!"

Missy: "I consider Andrew to be an expert in the field. His class was far more than I anticipated and I learned material that I never expected to get out of a class like this. Especially useful for me was the information about patent searches and learning that some things do not need to be patented. I highly recommend to take this class. Thanks Andrew!"

Gene: "Andrew really knows his stuff. I thought I knew a lot but he offered challenges to what I thought I was an expert in and I realized I have a lot more to learn, especially from someone who is actually doing it and not just talking about it! This class was the kick-in-the-pants that I really needed. No more wasting time for me! Thank you Andrew!"

Susan: "You must take this course if you have some thing or some idea in mind to market!"

Craig: "Great class! It covered a lot and was very well presented."

James: "Excellent class. Enjoyable and informative!"

Yuli: "Andrew is totally expert to what he's demonstrating."

Andrew continues to receive excellent reviews from his classes.

More comments about the classes for invent help:

  • "It was great. I learned a lot!"
  • "Great information! Everything was great! Outstanding!
  • "The most useful I learned was about pre-marketing steps. I wish I knew this earlier!"
  • "The crowdfunding class is very worthwhile to attend. Go for it!"
  • "The most useful thing I learned was about the music and video sites. and how to build a following prior to launching my product."
  • "Very informative and useful for anyone wanting/having a great idea."
  • "Inventors, you should ALL take this class before taking another action of any kind."
  • "Mandatory course if you want to take a product from an idea to actual sales."
  • "Good overview of the patent process. The most useful thing I learned was about the steps to take for a patent search. Take the course first if you are thinking about a patent."

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