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You have probably heard about people making millions of dollars from invention ideas like the Snuggie (TM), HurryCane(R), George Foreman Grill, and various other products as seen on TV. 

You see those products in stores like these:

Invent and profitRead on to see how I got my products in these stores.
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You know that your idea is superior to any of those. That is why you have come to this website. You have an invention or a new product idea that should be seen on TV as well.

You know that everyone will want one but you don't know how to get it out there and start collecting your profit. If you are like many inventors, you've become frustrated and are searching for answers. You know you need to act on your invention ideas quickly before someone else beats you to the market but in your search for help, you're afraid someone will steal your ideas.

You're probably thinking, "I wish I could find someone to help me who I can trust." The problem is, you don't know how to do that. Plus, you're afraid to spend a lot of money without knowing if you're on the right track. You don't have an unlimited budget to spend on your new product, patents are expensive, and you don't even know what steps you need to take to get your invention ideas to market.

You may be feeling scared, anxious, and unsure. You may be asking yourself, "Is this worth it? Am I doing the right thing?" You are feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders. You know your product will be the next big thing. You taste it when you eat, you smell it when you breathe, the triumph of success courses through your veins with every beat of your heart. You know you will explode. You have to act now!

Invent And Profit without wasting a dime

You found us just in time. There is no need to panic. We have all been there and know that feeling of being stuck and the overwhelming frustration that follows. 

My name is Andrew Colsky and I have asked myself these same questions many times. Like you, I had great invention ideas, I even got a patent, but then I froze.  I didn't know whom to call. The good news is I figured it out and today I sell a successful line of products through major retailers across the world.  Soon, new inventors were calling me for advice. So I decided to develop the Invent and Profit System TM to guide inventors through the process. 

Great Invention Ideas Have An Expiration Date

Throughout the website I will post "Inventor's Success Tips" like the one below. These are important little snippets that are sometimes motivational, sometimes advisory, and meant to help you keep moving forward with your ideas.

Inventor's Success Tip

"The number one reason inventors fail is their own inaction."

The very first lesson to success is to realize that the biggest reason most new inventors fail is their own inaction. They fail to take action because they don't know the invention process, and they don’t know what steps to take. The great news is that I tell you all of the steps necessary to be successful in moving from idea to market. If you follow the system, you will be on the proper path to success without wasting a dime.  

I caution you that great invention ideas expire. Technology changes quickly  and trends come and go. In the internet age, attention spans are short, and a great idea today can be obsolete tomorrow.

For example, think how quickly music moved from vinyl, to CD's, to streaming. And what about bookstores and video rental stores? They've all but disappeared in a matter of years.

Today is the perfect time to launch your idea. 

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Let's get going! It’s time to invent and profit! 


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Moving Forward

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